Hans Koesters is an artist and designer who was based in Los Angeles for the past 7 years prior to his recent move to Chicago. His work has been exhibited in Los Angeles, Cincinnati, and Lexington. His drawings and paintings act as artifacts of perceptual ideas in the gray area between art and architecture. His work explores scenes of tension and disequilibrium through the layering of figural relationships. Through mixed media, the paintings play out relationships between a cast of psychodramatic characters represented as dynamic figures. Each scene is constructed using composite geometries and fundamental elements of Point, Line, Plane, and Volume. Neutral tones set the backdrop for evolving intensity between characters, whose dialogue exists in the nuance between the drawn boundaries of each piece. The contrast between drawing and painting seeks to emphasize spirited gestures using precarious compositions and deviations from a monochromatic palette, unifying the reading of disparate figures in each scene.